Category B – Car License

Below you’ll find information about what you need to do to get the licence for category B in Norway, and the prices for lessons and courses.

If you want to book for lessons, or if you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Pricelist category B

The Small Package 

  • 10 Driving lessons
  • 2 Evaluation lessons (mandatory)
  • Safety and skid pan course (mandatory)
  • Long distanse driving, safety course (mandatory)
  • Rental of the car for 1 driving test

Price: NOK 26.350.

The package must be paid before or when you start Your first lesson. The package is what we expect to be a minimum of what you need to pass the test. If you need more lessons, there will be an extra payment of NOK 820 per lesson.

You may of course pay for each lesson/course, but then there will be no discount.

Other prices

  • Driving lesson (45 min): NOK 820
  • Driving lesson after 4 pm (45 min): NOK 970
  • Evaluation lesson (45 min): NOK 820
  • Safety and skid pan course (180 min): NOK 5400
  • Long distanse driving, safety course, (585 min): NOK 9400
  • Basic course: NOK 1290
  • Driving in the dark course: NOK 2450
  • First Aid course: NOK 800

Fee for test and rental of track

  • Fee for theory and practical test: Vegvesenet
  • Fee for Safety and skid pan course: NOK 1400

Mandatory lessons

Mandatory lessons category B:

  • 2 Evaluation lessons
  • Safety and skid pan course, 4 lessons
  • Long distanse driving, safety course, 13 lessons

Basic course:

If you are 24 or younger, you need to take a basic course before the class B lessons. You’ll find the courses here (trafikalt grunnkurs).

If you are 25 or older, you only have to take to parts of this course: First aid course (førstehjelp) and driving in the dark course (mørkekjøring). You’ll fin the courses here. And you don’t need to take these courses before the class B lessons, but it need to be done before your driving test.


We recommend you to focus on the theory right from the start. Contact us for theory book in English. We can also advice you about web courses in English.

You need to pass the theory test before you can book for practical test.